Wet Streets of Volterra

Rain dogged us all day on this visit to Volterra. Black and white image.

San Gimignano Scenery

Wonderful scenery around San Gimignano with woodsmoke rising in the distance.

San Gimignano Archway

A rainy day in San Gimignano and the view beneath one of the many arches in this 15th century hilltop town.


This 15th century hilltop town forms a classic Tuscany landscape.

Voltarra and Teasles

Hill top town of Volterra with teasles in the foreground.

Tuscany Farmhouse and Lanscape

Olive groves and vineyards near to Gambassi Terme.

Tuscany Scenery

Vineyards and olive groves in this classic Tuscany landscape close to Volterra.

Villa on Hillside

Farmhouse villa above olive groves and vineyards.

Landscape near to San Gimignano

Hilltop villas and farmhouses abound in this Tuscany landscape.

Washday Image

This shirt caught my eye as I walked through Gambasse Terme and with a little patience I waited until the sun arrived and illuminated the scene.

Cypress Trees and Volterra.

The hilltop town of Volterra in the distance with a line of tall cyrpress trees leading the eye.

Lone Tree

We all love a lone tree and this one was near Gambassi Terme in Tuscany on a brilliantly sunny day.

Rainy Day in San Gimignano

Black and white image of rainy streets in San Gimignano with a group of pedestrians ahead all holding up umbrellas.

Farm on hillside

Near to San Gimignano this Tuscan farmhouse enjoys fantastic views of the landscape.

Tuscany Farm house

Vineyards and olive groves on a hillside next to a farmhouse.