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Pandemic Wanderings

It is a now just over a full year since I was able to get out and about with my camera, and the very next day after my last trip to the Lakes we were in lockdown and my photography was to be strictly limited. What a year we have all undergone and I am sure we all have our personal stories and tragedies to tell. As I write we are in early March 2021 and the 'roadmap' has been set out to some kind of normality, although at this stage I'll believe it when I see it! Still, as things stand in just 15 days time the strict lockdown we have been subject to will come begin to relax (although there are currently new rumours of numbers rising again) and then, in 80 days time if things go well, my wife and I will finally be able to go on our self-contained holiday to Anglesey, a holiday that has been shuffled forwards twice so far as the pandemic rolled onwards. Let's hope it doesn't get moved again!

During the last year we have, of course, been able to take local daily exercise and walk our dog, so my camera has frequently come with me. I am so lucky to live near Turn Moss in Manchester and I have often walked there and usually at my favourite time of day, dawn. I have added several Winter images to the Manchester page to reflect these wanderings and, with fingers crossed, maybe we can get out and further afield very soon. Rest assured if the Lockdown ends in 15 days I shall be there in the Lakes just as soon as I can.

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