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A Long Overdue Post

It has been a while since my last post so I thought I'd catch up and bring us up to date. Covid has interrupted my wanderings with my camera in recent times but as we start to breathe out again after collectively holding for so long I have added a few images to the site. You'll find them in the Lakes, Manchester and Elsewhere galeries - I hope you enjoy them.

The first of these (below) is my favourite tree on Turn Moss in Manchester captured at dawn on a very cold and frosty morning. As you can see there is a layer of mist above the frozen ground and dandelion heads and buttercup flowers indicating this was taken in Spring rather than Winter. Worth getting out of bed at 5am for!

The second image below is a terrific old watermill that I had never heard of until late 2019 despite all my Lakes wanderings in the last 50 years. The mill is tucked away on the side of Glaramara below Bessyboot and Tarn at Leaves in Borrowdale (fantastic named locations) I first went here on March the 13th this year, just before lockdown but the heavy rains of the previous weeks were still seeping off the mountainside and the consequence was that I could not get to a prime photographic position. So, I went again in late June and this time found conditions perfect. I had a good hour and a whale of a time clambering over the boulders and getting my feet wet in the two streams finding favourable positions to shoot from. This is one of my favourite shots taken that day.

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