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Sydney Coincidences and Thoughts.

Two coincidences loom large since we arrived.

First coincidence, when we arrived in the hotel last week (is it a week ago already?) the first thing I did on entering the room was to put the TV on, as you do, and the room was filled with the opening refrains of Antiques Roadshow and then Fiona Bruce saying "Welcome to the Antiques Roadshow from Manchester town hall." We've just flown half way around the world and the very first thing we hear takes us right back home.

Second coincidence, Sydney has a population of around 4 million and we were here primarily to see some family members. We were at a bus stop in town a couple of days ago, when we heard 'Hellooooo....' from nearby. Looking round we saw my wife's niece and her two young sons approaching us. How is that even possible? They live in Sydney but nowhere near where we bumped into them and we had no arrangements to see them that day. It was pure happenstance!

I was reading the other day on the differences between Melbourne and Sydney. The former is built on a European model whilst Sydney is very much in the style of New York. I haven't been to either Melbourne or New York but having spent a few days in Sydney I can quite understand the New York reference. I have spent days now walking up and down the canyons of this magnificent city and it very much feels New York-like in its grid based plan and high rise city culture. I love it!

There are three images below, the first is a panorama, one of two I have, taken on the Pylon Bridge viewing platform. Second, a much better view of Sydney Opera House than the teaser I previously posted, and finally the city canyons of the city but juxtaposed with some older buildings too with what I now know to be the brownstone of the Queen Victoria Building, or simply the QVB, on the left of the image and the city Town Hall with the clock straight ahead.

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