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I had previously known of jet lag as a concept but I now know what it actually means. We set off from home at 5.30pm Sunday evening and arrived here in Sydney at 7am Tuesday morning - and we were totally wiped out! First order of the day then was a snooze but that kind of spoiled the nights sleep and, in turn, the following day and nights sleep patterns too. It is now Thursday.

Sydney is a magnificent city, totally amazing! We are based in north Sydney on the top floor of our hotel from where we have tremendous views of the Harbour Bridge and the high rise city beyond. I took the opportunity, of course, to record photos of the view in daylight and then at dusk. I could quite happily sit at that window for the next two weeks, and we learned yesterday that tomorrow, Friday, as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, there is a firework display in the harbour and on the Bridge. Should be amazing!

Our first stride out into the city was to Circular Quay where the Opera House sits on a headland. I have seen this structure many times on TV and film but up close and personal it is different again. This is perhaps not the best place to view it from however, and I'm hoping for better vantage points in due course.

Whilst wandering along the Quay I was waylaid by four Chinese who seemed to want me to take their photo. This often happens as I carry a decent camera so I held my hand out to take their camera to then take the shot but that was not what they wanted. I was ushered into the centre of the group, between mum and dad, who were both elderly but very friendly, and our photo was then taken with me in it! It took me hours to figure out what had just happened (still jet lagged, ya know!) I am 6'4" and they were no more than 5'4". They had probably never seen someone so tall and wanted to document it. Happy to help!

Found a nice pub last night named the The Firehouse, just a short stroll from the hotel, and had a few beers. Might indulge again tonight too, just to aid the sleep patterns you understand.

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