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Black Country Living Museum

I recently enjoyed a Sunday out at this museum in Dudley and for the annual 1940's weekend. Its a fabulous place to visit in what amounts to a whole village (albeit a small one) with everything and virtually everyone dressed as though it was wartime Britain - although 'Allied Forces' only are welcome. There are a couple of entertainment venues with swing bands and artists on stage, shops in which you can buy clothing etc, demonstrations of bomb disposal and army checkpoints here and there. Everyone goes to so much trouble! In a tailors shop my wife asked if there were any silk clothing to be had anywhere and the shop 'owner' told us that only last week a nazi pilot had crash landed nearby and he had managed to acquire some parachute silk, and he added that we should be sure to visit the butchers shop where his friend would be "happy to slip her a sausage"! Highly recommended when it comes around again next year. I took a multitude of photos but only for the personal use and the blog.

Two 1940's girls enjoying a dance

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