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The Flying Scotsman

On Saturday the 8th July 2017 I learned that the famous Flying Scotsman was crossing the Ribblehead Viaduct at lunchtime the following day. I have had this venue on my 'to do' list for some time and on checking the weather forecast found that conditions would be ideal, so we made the two hour journey.

The BBC shouldn't be allowed to do weather forecasts and as we drew near to our destination the wipers were on double speed and the satnav went into night mode so dark it had become. Visibility was about 80 meters.

However, we parked and relaxed for a while and soon the mist began to lift a little and the viaduct slowly emerged from the gloom. We booted up and walked across the moorland to find a suitable place to wait.

In the end we got grey overcast skies but the conditions were perfectly acceptable and perhaps even better than the blue skies the BBC suggested we would have.

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