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Fujifilm X-System

Eighteen months ago now I moved up from the Nikon system I had previously loved and cherished to the Fujifilm X-Pro2 (having already owned at that point the X-Pro1) and I have never regretted that decision for one moment. I've spent the intervening time getting to know the X-System and slowly adding to the lenses I have at my disposal. I started with the 10-24, which is a fabulous landscape lens, and the 18-135 to give me a bit of reach. I added a 8mm fisheye but recently disposed of that as it was underused. For my street work I love using the 27mm, which is my only prime lens (rather than a zoom). And, finally, just a couple of weeks ago, I topped the collection off with the 100-400 zoom. This is a weighty and serious bit of kit capable of some tremendous imagery. I have already used it to take a few bird shots and yesterday evening took my first ever photos of the moon. Lots more to come from this lens!

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