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Brothers Water

On Sunday evening I made a snap decision to have a day trip to the Lakes and 06.40 saw me heading up the M6 just a few hours later. It was cold but seemingly okay at 6 degrees as I left the motorway and headed into the National park. Then the temperature began to drop! By the time I reached the Kirkstone Pass it was zero degrees but the roads were free of ice....

Then I crested the top of the pass and the roads were suddenly a bit slick and shiny but I made it to Hartsop without mishap before walking along a lane across the side of a fell and down to Brothers Water. It was certainly a crisp and clear and the reed beds and fence posts were covered in a thick layer of frost.

I quickly realised that there was a hundred yards or so along the lake shore that was just magical. The light was perfect and the water was still and silent giving me perfect reflections of High Hartsop Dodd and surrounding fells over on the other side of the water. Whilst cold it did not trouble me in the slightest and I was able to rattle off shot after lovely shot of my surroundings.

A quick trip into nearby Glenridding where I viewed the damage sustained in last winters floods, and then back down the motorway and home by 2pm.

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