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New Year in Staithes & Whitby

We spent a few days with friends in the very Dickensian village of Staithes, North Yorkshire, immediately after the New Year, taking time to visit nearby Whitby and to walk over the clifftops between Staithes and Runswick Bay. The difference in weather conditions on two consecutive days was remarkable with first winds so high it was at times difficult to stand up and on the next glorious sunshine to accompany the terrific views. This isn't the first time we have stayed in this area, or even the first time at this time of year, but I am happy to report that this small village is now more geared up than it once was to off-season tourism and there was no shortage of places to stay or eat. If you haven't been to the area I would highly recommend you fix that soonest.


I was in Manchester today, just for a bimble around the streets with a camera, and I walked through Victoria station. One of those chance images presented itself to me at the 'Lancashire & Yorkshire' frieze that you will all know and love. This and a couple from Whitby, both in black and white, are now available on site.

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