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I had a day trip to London on Wednesday. Monday would have been more convenient but the weather forecast was poor whilst for Wednesday it was great. In the event I got the exact opposite. It was great on Monday and poor on Wednesday, but dry.

I arrived at Westminster tube station at about 1pm and the first thing I saw for sale on a stall as I climbed the steps was a ManU hat next to a ManCity hat! The main object of the day was a photo shoot at Millennium Bridge looking towards St Pauls, and I accomplished that, although I got some very odd looks whilst sat next to my mini-tripod and I'm sure some thought I was begging.

A good set of images, I think, some using my 8 stop filter to blur the pedestrians whilst keeping the structures pin-sharp.

I couldn't believe how much London has changed in the four years since I was last there! Lots of new skyscrapers around the city including The Shard, which I saw for the first time at close hand, and a whole new set of buildings almost masking The Gherkin from view entirely.

I arrived home at 11pm tired after walking close to ten miles, but an excellent day out!

st pauls.jpg

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